Ya, know, people always say its toughest to write about themselves.  I don’t agree.  I can write about myself, just don’t know how much you want to hear!  Sooo, on that note, me.  I am many, many things, but most importantly, I am a new Retiree!!  I am also a single mom with 3 grown daughters who, gratefully, have done well in life.  But mostly, I am adventureous, curious and have an unending passion to learn.  Combine that with my career, 31 years  teaching children with special needs, mostly the more involved children, and I find myself off doing volunteer work around the world!  I have spent the last two years planning this trip, and am still tweaking away at it!  I have the opportunity to travel, see the world, while helping others.  I cannot imagine too many more things in life better than that.  I am confidant that what I gain will be far greater than what I give.  This is the dream I have had since college and now am alble to fulfill.  So dreams really do come true my friends, you have to hold fast to them.  And always believe.  

Please come with me on my adventure as I live my dream!                                                    


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