Friday, December 21, 12

Phiian's baby, Baby.  No name as of yet.

It has been a long week, as I know it has been for all of you at home.  I just keep taking deep breaths.

I really do not know what to write at this point.  These last two weeks have been very disappointing.  But I don’t feel I have a right to complain.  I am grateful for having some time around Philan (my spelling is horrible on these names – sorry) and baby.  The connection between this mom and her baby is fierce.  Constantly I have watched Philan pull baby over using her trunk.  She does not want her outside of her distance.  When Philan went into labor Mr. Lee had to help her.  She was chained, by her tusks, to something.  Once baby was out, she was so steadfast on seeing her baby that she ripped one of her tusks out in order to turn around to see her.  Philan was not hurt, and I do not think it would matter.  Her baby is what matters.

I drank milk on Saturday or Sunday and it made me ill.  At first I could not figure out what it was.  I was starting to feel better and by Wednesday, I felt really, really good.  Until I drank milk with my cereal and became violently ill again.  I am sure it was the milk.  My abdomen has been rock hard and things are slowly starting to settle.  Lord, this has not been fun!

I made a PERSONAL choice upon arriving at Mr. Lee’s that I did not like that the elephants were chained.  Elephants are not a domestic animal, they are meant to roam in the wild.  Again, my PERSONAL belief.  Just as I do not believe dogs should be put in dresses and made to dance.  I have made many decisions based on my personal beliefs in reference to animals while I have been here, and my entire life.  And sadly, I have been shown that since I have a different view, I was left out.  Not by the native people, but the program I paid for.  I have spent a good deal of time reading and sitting around.  There has been not much else to do.  I guess it really doesn’t matter ‘who’ recommends what, to find a good, really good volunteer project, you have to do a great deal of digging.

I will be leaving on Wednesday to head to the airport.  I am excited!!  I am looking forward to going to Abbott Kinney and running in the sand and the ocean!  And looking in  some shops!  It has been a fabulous trip, but, as Dorothy says, there is NO place like home.  Except maybe for Italy!  🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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