Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sorry its been several days.  I have been very busy!!  Guisi and I arrived in Athens, Greece on Thursday and took off like a rocket!  The rain was pouring, but Guisi wanted to explore!  And so we did!  We spoke with many people, all very nice, everyday souls.  And then we came upon a travel agency.  We checked it out, booked a tour and got out of the rain!

Friday and Saturday led us to the Acropolis — first the actual Acropolis and 3 of the 4 sides.  We spent hours and maybe could have gone longer!  We were able to see Hedrins Arch and Zues’ Temple.  Then we got smart and just rode the bus through the entire tour to see the area.  MAYBE should have done that to start!  We were excited, what can I say. We did learn that we are in the PLAKA district of Athens.  I believe there are about 8 districts in Athens.  Anyway, this is said to be the ‘best’ district!  The Parliament house is just up the street, that may have a bearing on it!  I really came up lucky when I booked this hotel!!

We were able to visit the Acropolis Museum and the Agora.  We shopped on the main market street.  We walked through the National Park.  There is soooo much to see, so many places to go.

It is truly beautiful here.  The weather is upper 60’s to 70’s.  People here are everyday, nice people.  Many speak English which made it really nice for me.  We went out for dinner Friday night were Guisi worked on her Greek.  For me, it is just that, Greek!  I’m still mixed up with the Swahili and the Italian.  No more languages!!  Being in an English speaking country, I almost forgot how to speak English!  It just gets confusing and gives me that much greater appreciation for people that are bilingual let alone multilingual.

Guisi went home on Sunday.  I went back to the travel agency.  I booked an all-day cruise, visiting 3 islands.  Well, the weather was not so cooperative so we were only able to visit at 2 of the islands.  No complaints, it was a lovely day.  Spent time with a man from Amsterdam and one from Brazil, but who has travelled all over the world.  He has 38 states (US) to his credit, and no, I couldn’t beat that number!  There were also the two women from Philly!

I am waiting to see if I get to go to the Temple of Poseidon today.  Because it is December, numbers vary for tours and determines if it will happen.  Makes sense.

I have enjoyed my time and glad I made this part of my trip.  I can only imagine Greece in warmer months!  Something I think I would like to see.  As to the crisis, yes, its very real.  Greece’s, sadly is in a lot of trouble.  Does the media dramatize — yes.  These people love their country and they are fighting for her.  I’ve have come to realize that most countries are in this position, fighting for their countries.  We think America is a mess, we have no complaints in comparison to others.  Be grateful.

So, it is that time to get up and go!  I guess I should start with my breakfast and see if my tour is on.  If not, I am ok.  I have plenty to do to get ready with leaving on Thursday.  Although the temp’s here are great, I will be going into 90 degree temp’s!  I have to change out clothing and pack my bags accordingly.  I have learned it is much simpler to do preventative than try to adjust once you arrive!  Have I learned something???  OK.  Have a good day.  And be grateful!


Part of the Parthenon

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