Saturday, November 17, 2012

First, I am not on my computer so a picture, sadly is not a choice.  Second, I will be leaving tomorrow for Vienna and then Thursday evening, night train!, for Venice, which is much dryer!

On this past Tuesday I went to Dachau.  The tour guide, Marcin, was very good.  He worked there at some point in his life so he really knew his stuff.  The history is interesting in that it was the first camp under Hitler, others have done it, in 1933 for the `reeducation` of people that did not agree with his ways.  The camp has very little left of it.  There are two barracks there that are not original.  The entrance building with gate is original and the bunker is original.  There are 3 other buildings also.  Much of the camp was burned to keep people warm in 1965 for those living there, displaced persons as they were known.  Parts fell down.  And there is also the Nazi´s offices right next door an just in between are the crematoriums.

There are 3 memorials, major ones, along with many smaller ones.  Things here have been destroyed and stolen from survivors to neoNazis.  Almost all original artifacts have been put away for that reason.  There are many pictures of things that went on and duplicates of original pictures taken by the Nazi´s.

The bunker started as a 5 room building that ended as a 137 room building.  It´s function — each room was a holding cell for torturing prisoners.  In many ways.  But that is what I think was most impressive with this tour — Nazi´s were not the first to torture prisoners.  Look at history and be amazed to see what you learn.  China´s Mao was brutal and actually has the worst genocide completed in history.  I forget number 2 and surprising, Hitler is number 3.

Hitler was so good at what he did that he had the world fooled.  Even before WWII started in 1938, an New York journalist visited Dachau and came back to recommend it for US citizens reeducation.  Was Hitler that good or was the world that stupid??

I am currently reading a book, A Winter in Prague.  For me, it ties in with all that I am seeing and gives a great deal of historical background to the war.  Czechoslovak was the first country ´taken´by the Nazi´s.  No one wanted in on what was happening and they attempted to believe Hitler.  Until Winston Churchill.  I now understand his statue in Prague.

The people in Munich have been very gracious and helpful  It was worth the time.  I am now in Salzburg, getting  ready to leave tomorrow.  There truly is not a great deal to do here, to see, which I have become grateful for.  I went up the fortress Thursday and walked down.  I must have stretched a muscle because my knee hurted terribly.  Friday was better, but I decided to head home and relax till my Sunday train trip.  Salzburg is a small, friendly quiet place.  They are starting their ChrisKringlemart so it´s a good thing I am leaving!  On to Vienna and hopefully, internet on my computer!  The fortress was very cool!

And I have done some checking, Venice appears to be un-flooded as I will be there by Friday morning.  What a relief!  Not really, just would have made new plans!  Oh!  And here and in Prague, I hear Ciao everywhere!  CiaoCiao!!

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  1. loraine says:

    Lynn, not sure why you want me to leave a comment but here goes COMMENT. Hope this helps your computer problems.

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