Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Franny, and to a dear friend, Jennifer.

WOW!!!  What a great day touring Munich!  But first, I need to tell you about the touring company.  If you go to you will find them.  They do tours in many cities.  What’s really cool is that this ~3 hour walking tour was FREE!!!  BUT, they do ask you to tip according to your wish.  I gave her 10Euros.  Cheapest one I’ve had and one of the best!

Question – why did many churches survive, or most of the structure survive bombing from WWII?

So, I learned a lot about Munchen.  If you look at per person capita of beer drinking in the world, Munchen ranks number 3 behind Dublin #2, and Czech Republic, #1.  BUT, take just Bavaria of Germany, and its #1 worldwide!  Important stuff, right?

I did learn a great deal about Germany’s history, back to its beginnings and the kings that ruled.  It is all very interesting stuff, stuff that I didn’t pay attention to in school!  It’s alive now so it can’t be ignored, especially the part of Hitler.

I learned today that Germany is not ‘ashamed’ of that time period, but strongly does not support it as part of who Germans are, especially the people of Munich.  Memorials her are simple.  Reasoning – enough info to make you go look it up on the net and get ALL the information.  Along with this, many of these memorials have the dark side of being there due to Nazi’s.

Oktoberfest is actually a celebration of the first anniversary of King Ludwig I.  His wedding was such a smash that people asked for a party on the first anniversary, in the same place, a field that was a wedding gift to his wife.  So he did and the tradition has carried forward annually, almost 150 years later!  But, now, because it happens, people get stupid and will due a “hyal Hitler” and salute!  IF you are caught, it is a 2500Euro fine, you are IMMEDIATELY removed and sent out of the country and your passport is stamped showing you are a neo-Nazi FOREVER.  They are very serious about their history, what happened and who they really are.  They have also just made the decision that Hitler’s Mein Kampf (spelling?) will no longer be published.  They ain’t playin’ here!

I will be going to Dachau tomorrow and am very excited about the trip.  People were sent there for any reason.  It is the first concentration camp, not a killing camp, of Hitlers’ design.  The guide today, an American, stated that she had been to 3 other camps and really was not that interested in going, but was required due to her employment.  She said she was very grateful she went.

Back to the question – the bombing.  As we learned – be a pilot going into a foreign country, many times at night.  How do you know where to bomb, where you are?  The church towers!  The towers became the landmarks for bombers to determine where they were at, thus, surviving much of the war.

I am unable to put up any pictures with my posts.  It’s just where I am with a poor connection.  I do put pic’s up on Facebook, as it is the ‘friendliest’ site for me to work with.  Technology is great, but it is has its flaw.  Facebook has become my friend!  Please let me know if you have not seen pictures and I will connect with you.

And how did Munchen get its name?  When asked where do you live, people would say ‘by the munches’ or as we would know it ‘by the monks’.  And of course they were beer-loving monks, thus came the name Munchen, or Munich!  To this day there is a symbol for the munches and is in police & fireman uniforms and is highly visible everywhere.  It is the symbol of Munich.

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