Sunday, November 11, 2012 – Munich

Ok, so as I walk all over I here-and-there see these signs, WC.  Anyone know what they mean??

After not understanding my train ticket, I did make it to Munich!  Thanks to a young man,  a US vet, who helped carry my bag and get me to the right spot.  Then a very nice woman let me ‘follow’ her on the train & where to get off.  She even had some time before her next train so she got me most of the way to my lodgings.  People are looking over me!

And gratefully, my hostel is about a 5 minute walk from the train station, nice.  And as reported, it is raining today.  That’s ok.  Laundry is washed & drying and I am going to relax.  There is a pile of info on tours here at the hostel so I will be doing a walking tour & the Kistkindlemarket (sp??) tomorrow.  Tuesday I am going to do a tour of Dachau.  I remember the name, but forgot the specifics.  It was the first of Hitlers concentration camps.  They say there is a graphic film, not for children under 12.  Seriously, I hope I get through it.

Oh, the days of hostels!!  When I got in last night, loud, laughter & drinking!  Not exactly like the ones we stayed in ’06.  But it works.  Breakfast was doable, I am full.  And if the rain doesn’t let up today, it may be all I eat!  Again, doable.  I laugh as people are leaving and they are cleaning out rooms.  Piles of booze bottles and lots of stink!  Even my room has a bit of a smell — there are 6 of us in it, one leaving this morning.  It was the cheapest, most convenient I could find.  Give me a break!

Ok.  WC — toilet as they say, or bathroom as we say.  But what does WC stand for — water closet!!!  How many of you knew that one!?!  😉


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4 Responses to Sunday, November 11, 2012 – Munich

  1. Josieke ricks van der ploeg says:

    Lol Lynn you know I knew that one hehe but I kinda cheat cause I speak the language 😉 love you jo

  2. Loraine says:

    Hey I knew that from my travels to Ireland.

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