On the road again . . . .

From Sedlac, The 'Bones' Church

From Sedlac, The ‘Bones’ Church

Yes, its that time again, movin’ on!  Its Friday evening and I’ve had yet another good day.  Took a day trip to Sedlac & Kutna Hora, about an hour east of Prague.  The pic is from Sedlac — the bone church — literally!  Over 40,000 bones were used to decorate this church.  Long story, but people wanted it.  Kind of cool!  And then we went over to Kutna Hora, next door.  Kutna Hora was the big silver mining town back in the day.  St. Barbara is their patron saint so they built this huge, wonderful church to honor her.  Along with seeing some other really cool things.  But tonight it is time to get ready, get packing!

I have seen and learned so much while I’ve been here.  Again, the people have been great! I am so happy I took some tours for many reasons, but the best is that I got to talk to people about their lives, growing up under Communism and then getting their freedom.  What their losses have been and their gains.  The one guide was telling us how this area was originally founded by Celtic people.  And the history goes on from there, but, due to Communism, Czech people wanted to know more of their roots.  So, DNA research was done to determine true blood line and it showed that Czech people are Irish, Scottish & German.  She told us how happy the country was to find that they did not have genealogy with Russians — meaning no communistic blood!

They say that Prague is a beautiful place.  Even in pre-winter it is beautiful.  I can only imagine what it looks like in winter!  That may have to be my next trip . . . .

I have learned no language  from here — its way too hard!  The use of vowels in every word does not exist.  And only 6 weeks ago I was teaching the importance of knowing a vowel from a consonant in the English language!  They say to stress the beginning of the word — I didn’t want to insult anyone so I just stuck to my English vowels and did just fine, thank you.

So now its goodnight, and on to Munich and the rain.  This may be my time to re-energize.  Lord knows I need it!!

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