Finito . . . .

. . . . for now.  It is my last night at Rifugio.  A very hectic, emotional day.  Krus and I went to the post office to send some more things home.  I learned that you can only send boxes from Italy to the US that weigh no more than 2 kilo’s.  And they don’t have a scale available for you to weigh as you load the box.  What a nightmare, but 6 boxes later, and a few leftovers, they are packed, paid and in the process of going home.  OY!

Ya know, keeping up with this has been very, very hard.  I have had the greatest time while I’ve been here.  The entire experience has been great.  I have been kept overly busy, learned a lot about Italy and the culture, and me.  Learned why my mouth keeps getting so dry and that was h-u-g-e!!

You see, I find my mouth very dry.  Even in Africa, this is not new.  I figured out in Africa it was due to my jaw being on the floor in utter amazement.  But now, here in Italy, I realized the rest of it.  Its due to stunnament.  Stunnament is my word for being totally stunned, in the moment/at the moment.  And thats me, so often!!  It could be due to a cultural thing, something viewed or something just totally whacked.  I hope you get my direction on this because I have experienced stunnament on a regular basis.  I catch myself more and more so I at least am closing my mouth now.  The stunnament could probably lead to big trouble if your not careful.  I’ll give you an example.

This past Saturday Guisi wanted to take me to a few places leading up to the final destination of Sesstierre.  Sesstierre is the area of Torino where the 2006 Winter Olympics, or at least the skiing, was held.  Well we made it, but it was a stunnament situation.  We got messed up on the busses due to wrong information.  Sooooo, dumb as I am, I follow.  We go so far on the bus and will have to wait 2 hours.  Guisi has the solution — hitchhiking.  To make a long story short, we made it to Sesstierre, with the help of 2 different ‘rides’.  It was a great trip.  And it was on Sunday that stunnament became my new word.

When you are in a situation as I am, your brain becomes fuzzy (a Marli word).  And when I say fuzzy, its true.  You are in a totally different environment, may not know the language, the rules, and when you speak your language, you have to do it differently.  Everything just starts to become fuzzy.  And that is a big piece of who I am these last 11 weeks.  Fuzzy.  With a great deal of stunnament.

I leave in the morning for Turin to take the train to Milano.  From there, my plane to Praha.  I will arrive in the evening and pray I make it to my lodgings!  Please pray for me too.  🙂  Then on Friday morning I get to meet with the people I have been working with on my paternal side of the family ancestory.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  The next 5 weeks will be bounces in several places.  I’ll write when I can!  OH!!  And we got snow on the mountain tops Sunday.  Very beautiful.

Arriverderci, la mia bella Italia!      for now.

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