Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It’s morning as I start to write this.  The sun is coming in the window – I hope its a sign of a good day.  🙂  We are going for pizza tonight with Maximilliano, our previous volunteer person.  He finished yesterday – filling a temporary position as the full-timer, Suzanne, came back yesterday.  Pizza is always good!

And along with pizza, I finally tried Nutella last week.  Now I know why everyone loves it!!  I OD’ed on it and doing better now.  I bought a jar of this and peanut butter when I first got here.  Krus is gone and we are positive she has the peanut butter locked in her room.  I had no other choice than the Nutella!  On Saturday I even had a nutella & banana crepe.  Reminded me of being in Paris with the girls!

Rifugio Re Carlo Alberto has a website, http://www.diaconiavaldese.org.  Granted most of it is in Italian, if you search around you will find a few things in English.  And if I remember correctly, there are pictures!!

A lesson to be learned if you are travelling in Europe – trains.  If you do not go to the station you almost cannot get the tickets.  I tried ordering online and they want to send them to America.  I can order them via an 800 number and for a nominal fee ($36.00) they’ll send them to me here, from North America.  I cannot make an 800 call from my phone and I am confused as to why I would need to get my Eurail train tickets sent to me from America when I’m here??!!  I am going to the train station tomorrow to purchase everything and be done with that step of my journey.  Some things make no sense . . . . .

I have learned though how to connect with America at no cost!!  My credit union messed up my Visa card, blocked it actually.  So, in order to deal with it, I face talked to Marissa from my computer to hers and then had her make the calls on her phone and I spoke to the various people via the computer.  Technology at its best!  Riss and I had a good laugh!

I have been working on my living arrangements for the next 5 weeks.  I have Prague, Munich & Strazburg done.  I still need to find a place in Vienna, which has been very difficult, but I’ll find it!  I then have Venice, Trieste & maybe a night in Milan – I may just hang in the train station.  And then my final is Athens, but I think I have a spot picked-out, just need to finalize.  All of this ‘planning’ honestly gets a bit old.  I think if I just had time, so I really need to volunteer everyday????, I would be good.  🙂  Tomorrow will be a big day to getting things done – I have to take off to do the trains, no choice!  And now, PIZZA!!

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