Saboto, Occtobre 20, 2012

Buena Serra!!  Its Venerdi evening as I am writing and the internet is down so I am not sure when you will get this!

What a day – a week – an Occtobre!  I woke up this morning to an extremely clear view of the world – the mountains were gorgeous!  And I could easily see the one small peak that is the mountain that sits on the border of France & Italy (to the left of the tree).  I know which side of that mountain my heart is on, but I thought of Marli’s on the other side!  🙂

My time here has been a whirlwind.  The peacefulness of being in this small town is bellisimo!  Yet you are not so far away from the rest of the world that you can not be in the thrust of life, the world, within a short time.

Krus is travelling and then a workshop so I am actually catching my breathe!  Tuesday was our little going away party for Melissa (US) from Krus & I.  Pizza and gelato cake!  We were all happy.  On Wednesday Melissa looked at me at pranzo and said she realized that she was going to have to deal with reverse culture shock upon returning home.  We had spoken of it the night before and she didn’t seem too worried – a good nights sleep can always change the way you see!  She was already re-Americanizing worrying about what all she was going to do!  I just laughed and told her to learn how not to speak Italian and live out of a suitcase!  That would be plenty to start with – and then she started laughing too!  I do not even want to think about it!

I have realized that once I learn the language, I really believe I could live here full-time.  Soooooo, I am going to learn the language and come back for lots of visits.  And always bring a piece of Italia home with me in the things I do — my cooking, my baking, gardening and some home things.  I will bring the pace home.

Today Elena (operator) was looking for Anna Marie’s doll, her bambino.  Mario, consumer, looked at Elena and pointed to me telling her there it is!  We laughed!!  And decided it was a compliment.  Then, after pranzo, Medi tells me how he was on the bike and saw a woman from the backside who he thought was me.  He called out, “Ciao, bella!  Want a ride!” only to pull-up and realize it wasn’t me!  We are still laughing!  He ended up speaking with the woman for about 10 minutes to explain and it ended-up being that she spoke French, as does he, so it was all-good in the end.

Italia has been amazing — and so needed after Tanzania.  But at the same time, I know it will be time to leave again.  I received the first set of information today on my family’s ancestry – they have been researching my father’s parents.  Not a lot found, but a beginning.  I will be contacting the couple that does this and will have them expand the search and answer some questions for me, hopefully.  And because Czechoslovakia no longer exists, I am going to ask for before/after maps.  I hope they are able to find more!  This is where I am leaving to.  After that, Munich and Austria.

And I booked my flight to Athens, Greece!  I will be there for 4 days at least, maybe 7.  And then to Thailand!!  After Thailand I will be heading to California, early January.  I cancelled India & Nepal for multiple reasons with one being that the IRS is auditing my 2010 taxes.  Not that it is life & death, but its like the icer on the list of ‘if it can go wrong, it will’!  I will save those two for another trip!

Well, it is Saboto afternoon and I have just recently returned from mercato in Pinerollo.  I found some socks & a bit heavier jacket for my next direction – oh, and some l-o-n-g socks too!  I am determined not to buy a big heavy coat and I think I will accomplish that.  We have a Boutique at Rifugio so I went this morning.  I got a scarf, 2 nice sweaters and a long-sleeved t-shirt for 5euros – ~$6.  I think I’m in good shape!  And I did pick up a phone Thursday, not that I’m calling any of you!!

Have a great weekend – I know I am!!!!!

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