Monday, Oct. 15

Buenoserra!  It’s evening here and I realized I should probably write something!  I have to tell you, its hard getting on here.  I have been so totally involved that I run out of time!  Did I tell you that my first Friday here as I was sitting with Guisi, Paulo & Marcel having spaghetti supper we felt an earthquake?  And there was one on Saturday and Sunday.  All small, but enough that you could feel it.  I must be strange because for me it was, Oh, well!

On Friday, Mhedy, Marie & I went for a l-o-n-g walk and ate supper in town.  I LOVE pizza Margherita!  It was nice to just sit & talk.  Saturday I went to Turin with Guisi.  It was great.  We went to a place called Eataly – it is part of the slow food movement.  There is one in New York and maybe somewhere else in the US.  All kinds of food, very cool.  On Sunday, Guisi and I drove about 3/4ths of the way up a mountain and then walked the rest of the way to give her car a rest!  It was sooo cool!  The area I am in is known for using the rock to build things – houses, walls, etc.  When I get the pics up you’ll see.  It is amazing what they have built, all by hand in the beginning.  But that is all relavant to Italians – working hard and by hand.  They take so much pride in the things they make and they don’t just go with all the mass produced stuff that we all seem to thrive on.  They have kept their love of their workmanship and pride and continue on.  Its that sense of self that I guess makes me love it here so much.

After the mountain I had dinner at Guisi’s with Krus and Guisi’s sister, neice, nephew & his girlfriend.  We had a ball!  It didn’t matter that I didn’t know every word being said (as Krus interpretted) you could just tell it was typical family stuff.  Alejandro burped and we were all laughing – I even told them about my girls burping contests at the dinner table!  We were rolling, they loved it!!

Italy is a beautiful country, but the keeping of the old world arts is what makes it.  People are friendly and want to get to know you, taking a real interest.  And of course they want to feed you!  I have started to slow down on my eating.  When I first got here, it was like — FOOD!!!!!  Now, I’m balancing – but eating!  Tomorrow we are going out for drinks & pizza for Melissa’s last night here.  We will all miss her and I think once she gets home, she is going to find that she misses all of this more than she thought she would.  This was Melissa’s first trip abroad.

As I take pictures, and look around, and theres sooooo much to see!, I just think about all the different people I have met in the last 2 months.  It is amazing.  We are all so much more alike than different yet I don’t believe that is what we are taught.  I think about my ‘multicultural’ classes in grad school.  We spoke of culture, culture, culture, but not once did we speak of basic humanness.  Its always about our differences, not are similarities.  I just find it really sad.  When I planned this trip and started, this was by far NOT what I expected to find.  Everyday brings me more.  And I am so grateful to have this opportunity.  And again, from my Facebook page to here, if you have not left North America, start planning your trip now!  Be scared!  You’ll go, you’ll get over the fear, and be glad you did it!!

Anyone for Italia in ’14???  CiaoCiao

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2 Responses to Monday, Oct. 15

  1. Josieke ricks van der ploeg says:

    I’m enjoying every word you write!! I love you

  2. Thanks! Love you too! :0

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