Friday night, 10/12/12

I cannot remember what day it is!!!!  But I think thats a good sign!  Italy has started off with me being tired, but I’ve been able to hang with it and am having a ball.  I told you about Krus.  Well, there is also Melissa here from New Mexico.  She has been here 9 weeks and is finishing up, going home next week.  It’s time for her to start grad school!

And then there is Dariella (I hope I did that right!)  She is some sort of therapist from Bolivia, about 30 yrs old.  Very, very nice.

And Mehdy.  That’s his last name.  He is 22, from Morocco living in France the last 3 years.  Last year he joined the French volunteer army, spending 3 mos. in Somalia, Iraq & Afghanistan.  He thinks I’M brave going to Tanzania as a single white woman – I think he’s the brave one for going into Somalia!  He is very attuned to life, but as he says, thats what happens after you have been off to war.  And thats a big chunk to think about . . . .

And yesterday Marie arrived from Armenia.  She’s not doing too well, her first time travelling.  We aren’t sure she likes us.  I’m glad I’m only here for a month!

So, in the last week, I told you about dinner.  Sunday we went to the top of a mountain.  OMG!!!!!  I will try to post those pics soon, I am working on safari.  But it was breathtaking.  We were up in the Alps and some of the clouds I think were below us.  Unbelievable!  We have gone to the market and a little cafe Monday.  A glass of wine & a simple snack was 2 euros.  There were 4 of us, with 2 rounds and we had a ball!  I bought a bunch of junk at the market just cuz I haven’t had food in a long time!!

Tuesday took us to Saluzzo.  It is a typical Italian town (pics coming).  We had fun going to see the castle, which at first we thought was a prison!  What do we know??  On the way home, we got lost!  We made it home and then went for my first Italian pizza!  We had a ball, AND, it marked 2 months that I have been away.  On Thursday we visited the Valdese cemetary and took a walk into town.  We had gelato! and I bought a plate of cookies to take back.  And Friday, we walked through Luscerna to Torre Pellice and back.  Oh, and did I say we stopped for pizza??

On Tuesday I weighed myself and saw that I had lost 10 lbs.  I knew I lost weight so, I will eat!  Besides, Marcel said you come to Italy for two reasons – to eat and/or to make love.  I’m eating!

Italy is just very calming, a very safe place.  People are nice.  It is heavy, predominate Italian speaking people where I am at so I am trying to learn Italian as fast as possible.  I have picked-up alot of words, but I am studying as much as possible too.  I have been told that although this is a nice area, the south of Italy is much friendlier.  And these are Italians telling me this!

The style and atmosphere here is so different than at home.  Like I said, its very safe here.    You here the cow & the sheep bells consistently along with the mooing.  Here, I have are regular work schedule, 9:30 to 5:15 daily.  Dinner isn’t until 8 which is not great, but the food is good!  I am slowing down on eating and getting into a balance again.  It is just a very simple, peaceful life here.

I am heading to Turin to tomorrow with Guisi and hoping to find a few shirts and a jacket.  The weather last night was 17C – about 64d. F.  I am also going to find 2 good Italian written cookbooks – one for cooking, one for baking.  Sooo, when I get home, I’m going to the baking one first if anyone wants to join me!  They have cutting boards at the Day Centre that are about 2 x 3′.  They are the best!  I am also going to take a real bread making class.  Vito just popped out a bread last weekend that was delicious!!  The food has really been great!!!  Veggies are huge, fruit perfect!

Ok, I’m going to work on some pics.  PLEASE let me know if you haven’t seen the pics – figured-out a link to them for those that are not on FB.  I am also uploading to Shutterfly, but that will take some time!  Ciao!!

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3 Responses to Friday night, 10/12/12

  1. Kiersten says:

    Okay so how do I get to the pictures? I’m on Facebook.

  2. Nanaa says:

    Sounds like a great trip! I have been able to see the pictures of the Safari, wonderful shots and some of Italy, I think I commented on some of them! ENJOY yourself!~

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