Domenica, Ottobre 7, 2012

Come stai?  (How are you?)  Yes, I am in Italia and need to learn to speak the language!  Basically, no one speaks Englise.  And its something I have always wanted to learn so I guess its time!

I spent an overnight in London on Wednesday which was very refreshing.  It is very nice, quaint there, but expensive!  So start saving your money for that trip!  I did send some things home, 2 boxes worth at about 24 lbs.  It was good to lighten the load!  The air travel has been great.  If you are coming this direction, use British Airways.  Everyone is great and they feed you!  I think I am getting too used to flying!  So far on this trip I have been in 10 different airports!  Education coming from just all different directions!

When I arrived here on Thursday I was greeted by two young women – Gizella from Hungary and Teresa from Germany.  Both volunteers that volunteered to do pick-up.  They took me to my placement, Rifugio Re Carlo Alberto Onlus located in Lauserna San Giovanni (TO).  The TO refers to Turin/Torino, and it is a home for the elderly.  We are in the Pellices valley area with the town of Torre Pellice being in walking distance.  The Pellices valley borders France to help give you an idea of how west in Italia I am.  The nearest town is Pinerolo which I was able to visit Venerdi (Friday) night.  It is beautiful!!  And of course, no camera!  I will go back.

Upon arriving I was introduced to another volunteer who volunteered to be in charge while Marcello, the director, is on holiday.  Crus is 20 years old, from Ecuador, intelligent, bright, enthusiastic, energetic and someone you just cant help but to admire.  Crus finished high school at 17 and began university.  She finished 2 years and decided to travel to learn more.  The thing about Crus, she was in a car accident at 18 and lost her right arm above the elbow.  Obviously, to me anyway, she hasn’t let it stop her.  She is great!  And the perfect way to start this part of my travels.

I look out to the Alps every morning as I wake and every evening before bed.  My accomodations are very nice, the food is good and plentiful!  The staff that I have met are great!  Giusi, works in the day centre and is my age.  She invited me to dinner Venerdi.  So, she and a friend Marcel, took me to Pinerolo and then we went to Guise”s home where Paulo had a home made spaghetti dinner waiting for us.  It was perfecto!!  Bread laid on the table, wine glasses full,  sauce was bueno and I ate!  I was taught to smell the food before/as I eat it – smart concept!  And to use my bread to clean my plate.  I told them that usually the dogs do that for me!  Giusi speaks a little Englise and Marcel & Paulo none.  And me a little Italiano – made for an interesting mix!  All in all, a great evening.

Just being back in Italia rekindled my love for this country.  It is beautiful, kind, soft, friendly.  I could go on & on!  And the program I am in is great – so if anyone has kids, I can tell you all about this program!  The volunterees are travelling all over Europe and having a ball yet doing their program here.  Just awesome.

Well, I am hoping to be on my computer domani (tomorrow) so I can upload some pics from safari and here.  I am heading out for a walk to see if I can start to learn how to get to town.


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2 Responses to Domenica, Ottobre 7, 2012

  1. Josieke ricks van der ploeg says:

    I have been reading all your post and am just in awe when I read what it’s like over there!! We didn’t have Internet for a while but we settled in here in our home in Sam Antonio and have it connected again so I had to catch up on some reading!! You seem to be having a great time and even better life experiences!! I love you stay safe and more then anything else enjoy!!

  2. Thank you!!! I am soooo glad you are closer to Dave’s family – are you in the same city? Tanzania was a bit rough, but I am loving Italy!!! (again!) good luck with the job hunting, something will pop. Will write you soon! love you! 🙂

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