Monday, September 24, 2012

I wanted/needed to post one more time before I leave for safari on Thursday, so here it is! There is sooooo much to talk about, but not enough time.  My leaving is bittersweet – I am ready to move on to another situation, yet my time here actually doing something has been too short!  And my family is wonderful.

When I woke this morning, Elizabeth was on the couch, very sick.  She thought she had Malaria.  I FREAKED!!   It just sounds sooooo wrong.  How, in the world WE live in, can/should anyone have Malaria.  By the time I got home, she had been to the doctor, diagnosed and treated.  She looked better, less anxious and the pain was already starting to subside.  If I went to the pharmacy and got MY meds for free, why aren’t the rest of the people who need them getting them?  FACT:  655,000 Malaria deaths in 2011 in Africa alone.  What’s wrong with this picture . . . .

**Went shopping Saturday.  Downtown Dar is wilder than NY’s Chinatown!  More shops, more people, and dirt!!  What a ride!                                                                                       **Coco Beach, the richest part of Dar.  Elizabeth’s’ older brother is a businessman and lives here with his family.  We ate, danced & partied!  Elizabeth took me shopping for my Tingatinga and when we got back there was no food for lunch – they forgot us and ate everything.  So, I took her and she had her first pizza.  And it was not too bad!              **The school.  Amazingly, children are children.  They just do not know when to shut their mouths!  But they are very loving, kind and little sponges.  They have so little in the classes, overcrowded, yet they work very hard.  I can give you more if you feel a desire to help out . . . .                                                                                                                                **My friend, Christina, who I stayed with, owes money on a loan.  Due to this, she cannot get a loan to send her son to college (he was accepted to the program to be a doctor).  Well, it really wasn’t that much money so I paid off the loan and Godfrey should be leaving for college at the end of the week.  Stay tuned for more details (~$3,000/year).  OH!!  Almost forgot – Christina is a teacher and makes ~$5,000/year.                               **I am positive that no one here knows what to do with the interior rearview mirror!  But I ain’t teachin nobody!                                                                                                     **99.9% of all shoes are sandal-type because you take them off before entering a house.  Build of most people here is small/medium.  It’s unusual to see a larger person, and it is typically a male.  Dress – becoming more current with 30-somethings & younger.      **And as horrible as this journey started, it has ended beautifully.  The people here are very peaceful, willing to help.  It is, obviously, easier the closer you are to a city (bigger being better).  The poverty is severe.  To think I can get a taxi for T 2000/.  That’s a buck 35.  That’s less than a bus ride at home!

So for now, I leave you to prepare for safari.  I will be in London on Oct. 3rd and Italy the next day.  Kwehari!!

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