September 20, 2012

Tingatinga Art!! One of my favorites . . .

I am just getting over a good round of the flu.  Monday was horrific, but it is slowing getting better.  Being sick, away from home, I just wanted my bed & Mina . . . But I am getting better.  The one thing being sick did was give me time to really reflect on what I am doing, what has happened.  And I was really saddened, and angry, to find that I will be on my way to Arusha for my safari on the 27th, next Thursday.  Which means I have less than a week to be here.

This quest did not start out good.  The promises made to me where empty.  I was put in a place that was scary.  And now, I’m in a really good place, a good family and a school!  I have told you little about the school so let me begin.  I am in a private school so class sizes are only about 25 to 28 students to a class.  In the govt. school, you can bet on at least 60 and up to 100.  Many children do not have desks, sitting on the floor.  Primary school, 1 – 7, is expected, if you can pay.  After that, you are all on your own.  Many families cannot pay.  At my school, Grace Primary, the annual cost is aroung $670.  That’s alot of money!  The children wear uniforms and are soooo eager to learn!  They talk alot, which I have a problem with, but they are also in rooms 1/2 the size of a US classroom.  There are very little materials, but the teachers do their best.  Pic’s will be coming.  As to discipline, the only real issue is the talking.  No one here would think to do, or act, as children do in American schools.  Only giving credance to why Oprah built her school here.

At the top is a pic of Tingatinga art.  Go to and learn more about it.  I am so excited that I will be going to a gallery on Saturday, and if I can find one I like and can afford, I will be making a purchase!  I know girls – one more thing for the walls!

I’ve realized how difficult it is to deal with food here.  I have seen smaller than apartment size refrigerators here and they sell upwards to $900!  So refrigeration is a definite problem.  But you eat what is made until it is gone.  IF something has to be pitched, it may go to animals or for composting.  It is not typical for waste.

You, I hope saw the pics of trash.  There is no system to deal with it.  Which is quite scary.    I have read that the ‘system’ is not working well – no kidding!  That is why there is so much burning going on, to just get rid of it.

I have been working on lessons for school today.  I have to write everything out because there is not a printer.  And I did not bring a flashdrive to take my things to a Stationary shop and have them do it.  I have looked for materials for school and they don’t even sell anything here!  Someone could make a fortune!

I believe it is time for lunch, and I am hungry, but nervous to eat.  My feeling right now are very mixed.  I believe I am just starting to feel the depth of this country, the plight of the people, and I will be leaving.  I have heard it repeatedly and it stands true – countries try to help in various ways, but there is no infrastructure to really make things happen.  It is soo, so true.  And I’m not sure, from what I see and what I’m told, that the powers to be care . . .

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