Monday, September 17, 2012

Kids with the staff

Oh, what a day!  That flu-like illness, it blew itself wide today!  I got up for school and new very quickly I wasn’t going anywhere.  A day of serious sleep!  I texted the headmaster, but he missed the text so I stopped over after school to see if I was ok.  That was extremely nice of him.  The sad part though, I had rearranged my schedule to make up todays lessons only to find that we have no school for the next 3 days.  The teachers are preparing for Standard 7 to take their exam on Wednesday & Thursday to determine if they are able to go on to secondary school- its just not an automatic.  Interesting concept. . . .

Yesterday, I think I overdid it with my lunch.  Elizabeth comes from a larger family.  And here, family comes first.  They collectively own several homes in different parts of the country.  You do not ‘call’ first to let them know you are coming, you just show up.  And stay as long as you need/want to.  Now remember, all houses have staff, so that makes a bit of a difference.  Well, yesterday we went to one of the sisters, I think homes, just for the monthly get together.  It was really nice!  Grandpa was there, and he must have about 8 – 10 children and grandchildren.  All of his children are successful!  The woman who’s house I was at owns a clothing store and supermarket(s).  Her husband works within the hospital, I would say in an administrator-type position.  The home had a wall around it, with electrical fence along the top.  Most rooms had an AC unit in them.  The house was big – living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, bath and about 5 more rooms.  They have 1 child.  The house reminded me of Florida, a resort, but with no plants.  Other than outside plants, you will not see an indoor plant in Tanzania.

The food and beverage was plenty and it was nice just watching everyone enjoying the day.  In a conversation, I was asked how we ‘do’ family, or are we just too busy?  I’ve come to realize that this too, ‘too busy‘, is a common assumption of Americans.  Just don’t think they have this one wrong though.

The drive there and back was unreal.  Gas here isT  2300/liter.  It takes 3.8 L to make a gallon.  T 1500 = $1.  Do the math and see what you think.  The bumpiness of the road, lack of roads, detouring of roads, my word!  I don’t think I could ever drive here!  But we made it to & back, safe & sound.  And I even got to watch some futball on a nice plasma flatscreen hung up on the wall.  How’s that for a Sunday?

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