September 14,2012

It’s Friday evening.  I have not felt good these last two days.  Like a stomach flu with the headache, but it is getting better.  The humidity was really bad yesterday after the rain and I think that is what started it.  Lots of water, and drugs and sleep!

I went up to the mall and obviously got the internet fixed.  Although I paid Tsh 10,000 on Monday, it was too, too crowded, and I was by myself (lack of language), so I just paid another Tsh 15000 to get service.  How much, how long, really not sure!  But I least know now how to walk up to the mall so if I run out next week, I can do the trip if I choose.  The mall is just like ours.  It’s neat & clean and store upon store upon store.

I ended up going into the city centre (downtown) today with the headmaster, Mr. Williams.  I sooooo wish I had my camera!  The scenes were everywhere – overcrowding of people, shop upon shop, mud and mini-lakes that used to be the street.  I cannot even fathom being here during rainy season!  This was downtown and only the main road was paved.  Every side street was yuck!  And the ‘smells’ of trash, and bodies, was a high.  But they all just keep going.  It made me think of the old wild west days – dirt roads & mud!  Dar is supposed to be economical capital of the country yet the area of Arusha, by the Serengeti, is supposed to be extremely nice and adding miles of roads annually.  I think in today’s paper it said they were adding about 1600 km of street – that’s over 1,000 miles of roads – in the next year.  They like there imagine to stay good!  I’ll check out things when I go there in less than 2 weeks (9/27) for my safari.

Things do getting boring here.  I read ALOT!  Being at school during the day has helped, but I can’t, nor wouldn’t, go anywhere at night, let alone.  So my internet and reading get me through the day.  With tomorrow being Saturday, I want to sleep in and relax.  I need to finish getting healthy.  I think I’ll walk to the mall Sunday to see a movie and just move!

Oh!  The food.  I keep forgetting.  We have 3 straight meals a day.  On the school days, though, I get a snack.  Breakfast has differed from all the places I’ve been.  Here, its tea (chai) and bread & butter.  Morning school snack is bread/biscuit and chai.  Lunch is typically rice with a bean mixture and a vegetable, usually cabbage with carrots & peppers.  Dinner is pretty much the same.  I have had chicken and some fish, a stewed beef, tomatoes & cukes, and of course fruit.  The meals are served family style and you eat as you come.  Food is left out until it appears everyone has eaten.  The food is not bad and with the heat, you don’t want much more.  I ate Subway, meatball sub, about a week ago.  It made me sooooooo sick!  Learned my lesson!

I will work on pics all next week and tell you about the school.  The kids are really good and discipline is an issue, but not like at home!  Everyone, have a great weekend!

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