Sept. 5, 2012

Good morning America!!  Had to say that . . . Anyway, I first need to correct a few things.  I think we call that a communication issue.  Fabiola is Christina’s niece, but is the younger girl with Anna being her daughter.  And Elton is younger than Godfrey, but is staying with relatives in order to g to a better school.  Given enough time, I’m confidant I could figure all of this out!

Yesterday we built Tiger a house.  Tiger is the dog, about 20 lbs. at best.  The thing about Tiger is that no one really cared until I came.  Now, everyone cares!  These people are giving people.  Everyone helped on the house doing something.  I started helping, but then they wanted me to just sit and watch.  And take pictures!  They were so happy to be able to do this to make me happy.  Dogs are not common here and aren’t taken care of.  I know Tiger is sick, but I know now they will all try to give him more food.  They do want him, so it all confuses me a bit.  I’d send him home to Meghan & Riss if I could!!

Yesterday gave me a good picture of this area of Tanzania.  People, I think are complacent simply because of their situation.  Many of the people are hard working here and there is no gov’t. assistance for them like at home.  They struggle daily.  I watched on the daladala how younger girls give their seats to the elders.  Some of the boys due, but that goes to the heirarchy and girls are the bottom, but as adults they will move up.  Christina’s family is very friendly, but the rest is about the same as America.

The men on the daladala are interesting.  They have great memories!  One drives while the other looks for patrons & collects the fares.  He never seems to miss with who he collects from and what he owes in change.  Even if it takes him a bit to get your change back.  It’s always great to sit by a window – hygiene is not always at its best!

I am leaving here tomorrow for Dar and then Friday to Zanzibar.  If you google Zanzibar, you will fall in-love!  One of the pieces though of Zanzibar is that it was a very integral part of the slave trade to southeast Asia.  I am anxious to see the remnants.  You can see the sadness in peoples faces when they talk about it.  It was abolished about 100 years ago, I think, when the British came in, but continued in secret for awhile.  Many, many Africans died in the process and were treated horribly.  I am excited!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!  I am still trying to get pic’s to upload, but with no luck.  It might be where I am at and that things are so slow. . . . .

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One Response to Sept. 5, 2012

  1. Joyce Wancata says:

    Sounds like you are really experiencing a lot! My laptop is not working so that goodness I have this other computer; The girls seem to be doing ok; I told them when things settle down for all of us we will meet for lunch. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. Stay safe. Talk to you soon. Joyce

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