Labor Day, 9/3

My weekend was interesting.  I felt a little funny Friday so I tried to take it easy.  We had a fun night, being with a new ‘family’.  I emphasize family because it is just that.  They are all very close and loving.  Christina’s sister die and they are raising her daughter, Fabiola. Christina & Masawe are very friendly and have 3 kids of their own.  Elton is at university an Godfrey is waiting to hear if his loans came through so he can leave for fall university, too.  Anna is jr. high age and goes to school with Fabiola in secondary school, like a junior/senior.  Well, Lynn bought Coke-a-Cola to celebrate!  And Lynn doesn’t drink Coke so it did a number on me!  I was to the bathroom alot on Saturday, but I think part was just destressing.  Things have definitely gotten better!

Sunday, Christina took me to a cousin’s sons Communion.  The mass was about 4 hours long and over 100 children received Communion.  I didn’t go in the church as to no space, but Christina snuck in.  Instead, I sat with 2 priests, Father Peter and Father Digrasse and had a wonderful chat!  I needed that ray of sunshine.  So if you’ve been sending your prayers, I got them!

Afterwards we went to the family home for celebration.  A nice meal and cake.  Now, they don’t give everyone a piece of cake.  You get a small piece on a toothpick and it is given to you by the Communicant.  Sorry Joyce, you loose out!  lol  It was really nice and especially nice to see the hospitality of Tanzania.  Something I have not yet seen.  People were happy and polite, very friendly.  The woman did all the work while the men sat.  Just a fact of culture here!  All in all, was a really good day.  On the way home, due to a previous conversation, I asked Christina if Godfrey and I could build Tiger a home.  She was excited!!  She had even asked for the table scraps for him due to me telling them he needs more food.  I’ve been saving a little of all my meals for him!

So today, Godfrey and I went and bought all the materials for Tigers home!  I am actually doing SOMETHING!!  And it feels good.  We even made some games at Mehayo today for the classroom.  I at least feel better about why I’m here . . . . talk at cha later!

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2 Responses to Labor Day, 9/3

  1. Nanaa says:

    Glad things are getting better!

  2. Meghan says:

    you would find a way to feed that dog. oy.

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