A few days late, but finally here!

I was sitting here laughing to myself as I realized that at this time, in the US, next Wednesday, I will be sitting on a bench for the night in Johannesburg at the airport.  Just gives me a silly feeling.

I leave next Tuesday on a 10:25 am flight out of Cleveland to head to Tanzania.  After a few transfers and wait time, I will arrive on Thursday in Dar El Salaam, Tanzania.  I have a day of orientation and then head to my host family in Morogoro.  I will be with this family until September 27th.  My work during this time will be with the school children, teaching I think English.  I think about how a second language is not mandatory in the US, one of the most powerful countries in the world, yet almost every other country does everything in their power to teach English to the people.  Go figure that one!

While here I will have a long weekend on the island of Zanzibar.  Dolphins are a given in one area and I THINK you can swim with them!  I hope so!

After my time teaching I will stay in Tanzania for a 5-day safari in the Serengeti.  A friend of a friend (Jackie) told me that a girl just got back from Tanzania and said it was awesome.  I want my awesome!

After the safari I will be heading to Turin (Torino) Italy for 4 weeks.  Then onto Prague, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Venice.  I will be sliding down the coast of Italy to Bari where I will take a ferry over to Patras, Greece.  I think I will have about a week in Greece, heading out in early December for Bangkok, Thailand.  After having the holidays in Thailand I will be spending January in India and then 3 weeks in Nepal.  February 24th I will be heading to California for two months and finally back home on April 23, 2013.  WHEWWWWW!  I know exactly where I’m heading, in my head, but to write it out like this is long!

Ok.  Need some sleep.  I will try to get more info up about Tanzania very soon!

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