11 days and counting . . . .

 . . . . till I start the grandest of all my adventures!  It is now the serious fine-tuning time.  I have most of my work done, but there is still some left, like packing!  I have a pile of things laid-out on the floor with my backpack and travell duffle bag, but nothing in anything.  I have found shampoo in a bar form, just like a bar of soap.  It works on my hair and is beyond simple for travelling!  And as I was showing Marli, my youngest who just got back from her trip to France and vicinity, all my junk, she strongly recommended that I NOT take some simple things.  This would put me in a situation to go to a store and have a different cultural experience.  I thought this was genius!  But I also told her I was still taking some soap to start out with.

I am having a hard time putting pictures up that are sized properly so if you see some strange pics at first, just me learning.  I am not looking for this to be such a perfect, fancy blog — just fun and informative!  I will put my Itinerary up tomorrow, it is almost done.  I made the decision to give myself a 5-week break in the middle of all of this and will be travelling to Prague, Austria, a bit more in Italy and over to Greece.  A girls gotta have some fun!Image

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4 Responses to 11 days and counting . . . .

  1. Josieke ricks van der ploeg says:

    Yay I found the blog I’ll be following your every step!! Lots of love jojo

  2. Joy Goodenow says:

    Lynn…..I am so proud of this big move in your life. I really hope you find happiness during your travels. You certainly deserve it!! Love, Joy

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